Get Me Out of Mediocracy!!


It's been a long time since I'm not writing in English. Normally, if not applied, a knowledge or skill whether deteriorate or fade away by time. What's a waste !!

I don't know why this word: MEDIOCRE kept echoing in my mind recently. Perhaps its due to certain assignment that I can't accomplish, not because I'm not study, it seems like I'm just not having enough IQ to solve the question. I still remember a friend of mine's comment about our assignment: "Study pun tak dapat jawab!Macam mana tu?"

Back to the topic, why we can't be mediocre? If you want to achieve something in your life, if you want to be a shining star, mediocre perhaps is the word you hate the most.I've seen people around me that practice this thing, study biasa-biasa, cukup2 makan bolehla...
What happens next? They become lazy, because their aim is LOW!!Perhaps their already set these in their mind: "Lps study, kerja, kahwin, beranak-pinak, hidup bahagia tapi biasa-biasa jer then die"Do you wish to be like that?What a boring life you will have!

Don't they realize that our nation are in critical need of quality human resources (or modal insan in BM)?
Especilaly for muslim, don't they know that we're still lack of muslim professional, muslim thinker, muslim scientist and so on?Do you think that you can fill this loop hole by being mediocre?Or you're just happy with this situation, with all the dirty images staining Islam?

Poor country = Muslim country
Troublesome community = Muslim
Most uneducated society= Muslim

Get me out of Mediocracy!!

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