5 careers for $60k+ salaries


[I'm writing this not because I don't have any idea on new entry, but merely because of I found out that this topic is too interesting to be shared with you all]

This is not the first time I read similar topic in Yahoo! news. Recently, I'm interested in making research about careers for computer science graduate (I'm care about my future of course!). However, these facts I'm gonna provide to you perhaps not valid in our country. You should already knew that employees are paid high in America.

As I said, this is only a sharing that I hope is beneficial for all readers.

1. Postsecondary Education Teacher

- Teachers that instruct in areas related to education, such as counseling, curriculum, guidance, and English as a second language. Some teach exclusively while others do a combination of teaching and research. A master's degree will likely be required for university teachers, while those teaching at career institutes will mostly need to demonstrate experience and expertise in their field.
-Mean annual salary: $60,080.

2. Registered Nurse
- Registered nurses help the sick and assist doctors and other medical professionals, usually in a hospital setting.
- Mean annual salary: $65,130

3. Network and Computer Systems Administrators
-Network and computer systems administrators can be found in offices, small businesses, and government organizations -- really, anywhere where a computer system is vital to business operations. In today's society, this is just about everywhere, perhaps explaining why this career is expected to see much faster than average growth over the next seven years. Network and computer systems administrators are responsible for designing, installing, and maintaining an organization's computer systems. They usually need a bachelor's degree in an area like computer science or information systems. Without a degree, prior experience in the field is considered essential.
- Mean annual salary: $69,570

4. Occupational Health and Safety Specialist
- These guys enforce the rules for health, safety, and environmental regulations in the workplace. Their job description is primarily concerned with keeping workers and the general public safe, and may include designing work spaces, testing air quality, or inspecting machinery
- Mean annual salary: $63,030

5. Technical Writer
- I firstly heard this term while following a Software Engineering talk recently. They actually putting technical or specialized information into understandable terms. hey make technical manuals, catalogs, and assembly instructions easily digestible for the general reader. Technical writers are mainly found in the information technology industry, planning and editing technical materials, and overseeing the layout of these publications.
- Mean annual salary: $64,210

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